Constant development

We are constantly developing. The area of our activity is not only IT outsourcing and software.

Over a dozen years of our activity on the market, we have implemented hundreds of smaller and larger projects. The scope of these projects is very large and the functionality is extremely different. We implemented trivial projects as well as complicated, multithreaded projects working on different layers of hardware and software.

We have experience in the production and automation sector, telecommunications and computer networks. We integrated CCTV systems, access control and supervision, VOIP, building management and "smart home". Building management systems were our workshop before the concept of "smart home" was introduced to the general use and became "trendy". We are currently fascinated by growing IoT technologies.

We assume that each project can teach us something. We are not afraid to learn, experiment and create. Thanks to the constant improvement of our qualifications and the experience gained with each subsequent order - every day we become better professionals as yesterday.

We know that professionalism is not only knowledge but skillful use of knowledge.

We know how IT works.