Polish programmers (UK) keyboard layout

Do you have a UK keyboard in your laptop or computer and you want to write in Polish? Do you think that keyboard stickers are archaic and a bad look for your computer? We agree. This Windows patch fixes the problem.

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WiFi Ninja - manage network profiles easily

The main feature of this powerful tool is table view of all wireless network profiles on local computer. In a few clicks You can read all access passwords to all remembered WiFi's in your operating system. The second most important feature of this tool is ability to import/export network settings. For example: If You need to migrate Your whole desktop, workspace and operating system to a new hardware - you can simply export all network profiles to XML files and import them again on a new installed Windows OS. As simple as it. Since 1.0.2 version, You can backup all Your wireless profiles to single .ninja file - You can restore this profiles on any computer You want.

Most of modern network network adapters are compatible - If you want to migrate all your network profiles defined for laptop's built-in wifi card to external wifi adapter... cause poor signal quality. There is no problem to do this with WiFi Ninja!

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CateringCalculator - Portion calculator for gastronomy

The "CateringCalculator" software is primarily targeted at gastronomy, kitchen assistants and chefs. The main task of the program is quick recalculation of weight / quantity ratios for prepared meals. Many food raw materials change their weight during processing - thanks to "CateringCalculator" you can easily calculate the target portion size. All you have to do is enter the quantity of product received and the reference weight stated in the recipe.

To easily use the software in the kitchen, the application was created for devices working with Android OS (minimum 4.4). The most optimal solution is to use it with a tablet (with a screen size of at least 7 ").

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SMTP diagnostic tool

The main idea behind the creation of this software was the need to perform diagnostics of communication with the SMTP server.
To perform the test: Configure all required parameters. Add an attachment if needed. The program will try to connect to the defined mail server and then try to use it to send a message. While the program is running, a detailed LOG file is generated. The LOG file contains a lot of valuable information related to communication between the client and the server. The current version of the program supports servers with the required authorization as well as communication with SMTP servers using encryption (SSL).

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IT management

The foundation of our activity is the management of IT infrastructure. By this term we mean comprehensive IT services - including DevOps, SysOps and all other activities related to the maintaining & administration of systems, networks and resources. Our role is focused on IT outsourcing services for small and medium companies.

Software development

We create our own commercial software and solutions dedicated to the requirements of our clients. We specialize in multi-platform Web applications, desktop database software (Windows environment) and IoT solutions - based on microcontrollers, nanoPC, etc.