CateringCalculator - Portion calculator for gastronomy

The "CateringCalculator" software is primarily targeted at gastronomy, kitchen assistants and chefs. The main task of the program is quick recalculation of weight / quantity ratios for prepared meals. Many food raw materials change their weight during processing - thanks to "CateringCalculator" you can easily calculate the target portion size. All you have to do is enter the quantity of product received and the reference weight stated in the recipe.

To easily use the software in the kitchen, the application was created for devices working with Android OS (minimum 4.4). The most optimal solution is to use it with a tablet (with a screen size of at least 7 ").

Due to the new guidelines of the Google Play platform (extortion of support only for new systems - from Android 8 (API 26) and mandatory support of 64-bit platforms) we cannot publish this software in the Google store. Our software is a new product, the policy of updating programs already present on Google Play does not apply to us. We want our software to be installed also on older and cheaper devices. Therefore, we decided to publish and distribute "CateringCalculator" as an independent installation package, available for download on our website. In case of doubt about the origin of the installation package, we recommend downloading the latest available version using the links below and verifying the MD5 / SHA hash of the downloaded file.

Main features of "CateringCalculator":

  • Simple interface,
  • Multilanguage UI - English and Polish,
  • Supports up to 10 different calories profiles,
  • Unregistered version supports up to two calories profiles,
  • Memory function for quantity field,
  • Short summary information below calculator table,
  • Proportion precision 99%,
  • Comfortable in use with landscape view,
  • Designed for 7"+ tablets.

System and device requirements:

  • Supports Android 4.4 (SDK 19) and newer systems.
  • Requires device with screen width or height minimum 500px.
  • Requires to allow installation from unknown sources (see how to enable it)

Usage instruction:

  • First of all, you must define all calories groups - use "Settings" tab for it,
  • Apply when done and switch application view to "Calculator" tab,
  • On most top you can find reference values ​​to set - take care to set proper calories value and portion weight,
  • Fill out the quantity fields according to the meal quantity plan for today,
  • Total dry weight is calculated "on the fly" (in background),
  • Fill "Recieved total weight" value,
  • It's done - all portions weights but recalculated.


  • Version 1.0.1 - Published: 13-12-2019 - First public release
     MD5 d44ead575ec48b8e20361bcb0831603b
    SHA-1 7ad8b6e83882edefea792579a72d80be49812ba6
    SHA-256 26979b9d1f3b707aee86358c19d31f92cb61cbae32f5b91f6d09e182779d1888
    VirusTotal results: click here

Application screenshots:

Important notice: This application has been designed to work with Android devices. The functionality has been tested on Android 7.0, on the Huawei T3 10 device (resolution 1200x800) and on Android 5.1.1 on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device. The application is also compatible with the MEmu 7.0.5 emulator. Despite all efforts, we are not able to ensure 100% hardware and software compatibility with all devices on the market. We do not give 100% guarantee for correct and stable operation in every environment.

License: The software is distributed under a freeware license. Charging for the distribution of this software, decompilation, making changes to the code, distribution without attaching this information and the use of this software as part of commercial projects is prohibited. To unlock 10 calories profiles support - buy license key or get unlock code as a gift after you make a donation.

Download link:

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