WiFi Ninja - manage network profiles easily

The main feature of this powerful tool is table view of all wireless network profiles on local computer. In a few clicks You can read all access passwords to all remembered WiFi's in your operating system. The second most important feature of this tool is ability to import/export network settings. For example: If You need to migrate Your whole desktop, workspace and operating system to a new hardware - you can simply export all network profiles to XML files and import them again on a new installed Windows OS. As simple as it. Since 1.0.2 version, You can backup all Your wireless profiles to single .ninja file - You can restore this profiles on any computer You want.

Most of modern network network adapters are compatible - If you want to migrate all your network profiles defined for laptop's built-in wifi card to external wifi adapter... cause poor signal quality. There is no problem to do this with WiFi Ninja!

Clean and simple user interface:

Main features of WiFi Ninja:

  • All needed data (for all stored WiFi profiles) available in one single table view,
  • Export to XML - You can export selected WiFi profile into XML file,
  • Simple backup / restore of all profiles - Can be successffuly used to migration to new computer,
  • Import from XML - You can import network profile from XML file,
  • Easy network profile migration - with a few single clicks,
  • Easy to use "copy passphrase to clipboard" function,
  • Supports up to 200 wireless network profiles,
  • Supports up to 50 network adapters at once,
  • It works with Windows XP SP3,
  • Its supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10 and 11.


  • Version - Published: 01-09-2022 - next subversion, backup profiles feature added, small bug-fixes.
    MD5 aa011b59708214d4f99fe54555593e43
    SHA-1 2be174180981471ae9dda2aba522b2f7ebc62250
    SHA-256 2c5f9e8cc38d275b912298034e9d1a37d5668c5adeaa4ba5d7ce058d475bb17f 
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  • Version - Published: 04-12-2019 - First public release
    MD5 ae91d1c3072ab76a17e5a7fc84cd7c1d
    SHA-1 3dc1794b511e1907586917bb93655e4599c509f8
    SHA-256 e89966443d506a044c1cc81a796533adedad7583dfa889db41630039417085df
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Important notice: WiFi Ninja will extract all wireless networks passwords in plain text. Please be careful when using this tool. Administrative account is needed to use all features of this software. One of the features is possibility to delete any WiFi profile from operating system. This operation is irreversible! If You are not sure what You want to do - we recommend to make an export to XML file or full backup of all profiles before You delete any record. WiFi Ninja is designed to work properly with Windows Vista and newer Microsoft's operating system (including Windows 10). It is possible to use this software with Windows XP - although this operating system isn't supported any more and You are using it at your own risk.

License: The software is distributed under a freeware license. Charging for the distribution of this software, decompilation, making changes to the code, distribution without attaching this information and the use of this software as part of commercial projects is prohibited. If you want to support the creator of this software - make a donation (option available also in the program).

Download link:

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