Polish programmers (UK) keyboard layout

Do you have a UK keyboard in your laptop or computer and you want to write in Polish? Do you think that keyboard stickers are archaic and a bad look for your computer? We agree. This Windows patch fixes the problem.

Typical computer keyboards in Poland use the US key layout. If your laptop or computer has a British (UK) keyboard - you will encounter a dual problem. By using the "Polish programmer" key layout you will have access to Polish diacritical marks ("ąęćłóżź") but there will be incompatibility of special characters such as "~", "@" etc. By maintaining compatibility for special characters you will lose the ability to use Polish diacritical marks.

For this we have created this personalized keyboard layout - it combines the features of the classic "Polish programmer" layout and placing special characters on a UK keyboard. A simple and very useful solution.

Main features:

  • Uses classic "Polish programmers" layout for Polish diacritical marks,
  • Supports all UK keyboard special characters as is,
  • Support for 32 and 64 bit OS,
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10/11.
  • Supports Windows 2003 server and higher.
  • It's FREE!

Usage instruction:

  • Download and unzip package availeble below - please note that hlsukpl2.zip will map numpad key [.] to dot - otherwise than hlsukpl.zip which maps [.] to comma sign,
  • Install package using setup.exe
  • Change keyboard layout using Control panel (Win XP,Vista,7,8) or Computer Settings (Win 10, Win 11).
  • How to change keyboard layout - tutorials: find on Youtube

License: The software is distributed under a freeware license. Charging for the distribution of this software, decompilation, making changes to the code, distribution without attaching this information and the use of this software as part of commercial projects is prohibited. If You like a tools we provide: make a donation.

Download link:

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