SMTP diagnostic tool

The main idea behind the creation of this software was the need to perform diagnostics of communication with the SMTP server.
To perform the test: Configure all required parameters. Add an attachment if needed. The program will try to connect to the defined mail server and then try to use it to send a message. While the program is running, a detailed LOG file is generated. The LOG file contains a lot of valuable information related to communication between the client and the server. The current version of the program supports servers with the required authorization as well as communication with SMTP servers using encryption (SSL).

Important note: The default parameters in the program are sample values ??- please do not use them for diagnostics. For the program to be able to carry out the test correctly - you must have an email account (obtained independently).

License: The software is distributed under a freeware license. Charging for the distribution of this software, decompilation, making changes to the code, distribution without attaching this information and the use of this software as part of commercial projects is prohibited. If you want to support the creator of this software - make a donation (option available in the program).

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